zIIP Enabled Products


14 March 2023

04 October 2016

Broadcom offers a growing set of solutions that enable significant benefits from using zIIP processors, which can reduce processing loads and potentially reduce cost. This list details the Broadcom Mainframe products that are zIIP enabled.

In addition to these products, note the following considerations:

  • Front-end or other product components that run in Java are by default able to run on zIIP processors.
  • Many Broadcom Mainframe products also derive significant zIIP offload by using a Datacom/AD repository for data storage.

Click on the product name to view product documentation and learn more about how these products exploit zIIP processors. As you review the product documentation, ensure that a specific release of your product is zIIP enabled.

Data Content Discovery
Cross-Enterprise Application Performance Management
Database Analyzer for Db2 for z/OS
Database Analyzer for IMS for z/OS
Database Copier for IMS for z/OS
Detector® for Db2 for z/OS 
Fast Load for Db2 for z/OS
Fast Unload for Db2 for z/OS
IDMS™ Server
IMS Tools
Mainframe Security Insights Platform
Mainframe Chorus Software Manager
MIM™ Resource Sharing
NetMaster® Solution Suite
OM Web Viewer
Quick Copy for Db2 for z/OS
Rapid Reorg for Db2 for z/OS
SOLVE:Operations® Automation
SOLVE:Access™ Session Management
Spool™ - Java Transformers Options
Subsystem Analyzer for Db2 for z/OS
SYSVIEW® Performance Management
SYSVIEW® for Db2 for z/OS
Tape Encryption
TPX™ Session Management for z/OS
Vantage™ Storage Resource Manager
Vtape™ Virtual Tape System
Web Administrator for CA ACF2
Web Administrator for CA Top Secret
ESP Workload Automation Edition
CA 7® Workload Automation Edition
XCOM™ Data Transport® for z/OS

For zIIP-enabled legacy products, see the documentation here.

All associated computer hardware, operating systems, and third-party software must be maintained on the latest release(s) published by Broadcom. Broadcom shall not be obligated to provide technical support for non-CA software, modifications to the CA software, or problems associated with products running on unsupported hardware, operating systems, and third-party software. Any such service may be available on a fee basis for labor and material as determined by Broadcom. Consulting services, onsite support or support for end of service products are not provided as part of Broadcom's standard support and maintenance. Those and other support services are available by quotation and governed under a separate agreement between Broadcom and Licensee.