IPv6 Compatibility Matrix


25 August 2022

04 October 2016

For most products listed, there is an embedded link that takes you directly to the web-based Support Online system, where you must log into your Support Online account. After logging in, you can view or download the details on any upgrade requirements. Please review the information for each of your licensed CA products for the most current information before upgrading your system.

If you are looking for compatibility information or solutions not listed on the chart, visit https://support.broadcom.com/ where you can register and find additional support information. If you have questions or need personal assistance, contact the product technical support group directly by telephone.

IPv6 Compatibility Matrix

Solution Area Product Name Minimum Product Level IPv6 Compatible Upgrade Information
Application Development COBOL/XE 3.0.2 N/A  
Earl 6.1 N/A  
Easytrieve Report Generator (plus options) 6.4 N/A  
eMail 4 N/A  
ETC 3.1 N/A  
Gener/OL 7.1 N/A  
Ideal 2.2 N/A  
11 N/A  
IPC 4.2 N/A  
11 N/A  
MetaCOBOL+ 1.1 N/A GI93138
PanAudit Plus 3 N/A  
Ramis 7.4 N/A  
Ramis Reporter 7.4 N/A  
Roscoe Interactive Environment 6 N/A  
Telon Application Generator 4.1 N/A  
5 N/A  
5.1 N/A  
UFO 3.2 N/A  
Repository (formerly AllFusion Repository) 7.2 Yes RI24553
Aion Business Rules Expert 10.2 Yes RI24531
11 Yes RI24531
Gen r7.6 and above Yes  
SOLVE:Infomaster 4 Yes  
Automation CA 7/Smart Console Option 1.1 N/A  
Multi-image Allocation Tape Sharing ( MIA)
Multi-image Console Message Sharing (MIC)
Multi-image Integrity Data Sharing (MII)
Multi-image Manager Resource Sharing (MIM)
11.8 N/A  
11.9 N/A  
Opera 3.1 N/A  
OPS/MVS Event Management and Automation 
(formerly OPS/MVS II)
11.8 Yes LI03392
11.9 Yes
Remote Console 2.3 N/A
Scheduler/Smart Console 1.1 N/A  
SOLVE:Operations Automation 11.9 Yes  
SOLVE:Operations Automation for CICS 11.9 Yes  
CA Chorus Chorus Infrastructure Management for Networks and Systems 3 Yes  
Chorus for Storage Management 2.5 Yes  
Chorus for Security and Compliance Management 2.5 Yes  
Chorus for DB2 Database Management 2.5 Yes  
Chorus 2.5 Yes  
CA Common Services Common Services r11 Yes r11 SP8 LI75502
r12 Yes RI19438
Mainframe Software Manager R4.1 N/A  
V5.0 N/A  
R5.1 N/A  
Change and Configuration Management Endevor Software Change Manager 15 N/A  
15.1 N/A  
Librarian 4.3 Yes  
PanAPT 3.1 Yes  
Panexec 5.3 Yes  
Panvalet 14.5 Yes  
Panvalet ISPF Option 14.5 Yes  
Database Management (DB2 for z/OS, IMS, Adabas) Database Management Solutions for DB2 R14 SP0 Yes  
Software Delivery Manager (SDMMV) r14 (SP0) N/A  
Database Management Solutions for IMS r11.6 and above N/A  
APAS Insight Monitor for Adabas 4.1 and above N/A  
SpaceMan File Management for Adabas 4.1 and above N/A  
PLEU for Adabas 4.1 and above N/A  
Databases Datacom/DB r11 and above N/A  
r11 SP4 or higher N/A  
Datacom/AD r10 and above N/A  
r11 SP4 or higher N/A  
ADS 16.0 and above Yes  
IDMS/DB 16.0 and above Yes  
Endevor/DB for CA IDMS 16.0 and above N/A  
Data Transport XCOM Data Transport for z/OS 11.0 and above Yes RI24532
Corporate Ties 2.2 No  
SOLVE:FTS 12 Yes  
12.1 Yes  
Network Management and Session Management NetCompress Data Stream Compression 1.3 No  
NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP 12 Yes  
12.1 Yes  
NetMaster Network Management for SNA 12 Yes  
12.1 Yes  
NetMaster Network Automation 12 Yes  
12.1 Yes  
NetMaster File Transfer Management 12 Yes  
12.1 Yes  
NetMaster Socket Management for CICS 1.1 Yes  
NetSpy Network Performance 12 Yes  
TCPaccess Communications Server 6 No  
TCPaccess Telnet Server 6.1 No  
6.2 Yes RI24529
TCPaccess FTP Server 6.1 No  
TCPaccess X.25 Server 7 No  
SOLVE:CPT 6.1 No  
TPX Session Management 5.2 Yes RI24527
5.3 Yes RI24527
SOLVE:Access Session Management 5 Yes  
Teleview Session Management 4.4 Yes RI24528
VMAN 3.1 No  
STX 4 No  
Output Management APCDDS Automated Report Balancing 1.1 N/A  
Balancing Report 1.1 No  
Bundl 5 N/A  
Deliver r11.5 and above N/A  
Dispatch r11 and above N/A  
DRAS r11.5 and above Yes  
JMR 4.6 N/A  
LPD r11.5 and above Yes  
SMR 3.4 N/A  
Spool r11.5 and above Yes  
View r11.5 and above N/A  
Performance Management PMO Runtime Performance Optimizer 4.3 N/A  
QuickFetch Runtime Performance Optimizer 2.6 N/A  
SYSVIEW Performance Management 13.5 Yes GI93492
13.7 Yes GI93492
13.9 Yes GI93492
TSO/MON Performance Management 6.2 N/A  
r9.0 N/A RI34589
Resource Management JARS Resource Accounting
(formerly JARS MVS)
r12.7 Yes QI03864
r12.6 Yes QI03864
r12.5 Yes QI03864
JARS Resource Management for CICS
(formerly JARS/CICS)
6.2 N/A QI14361
CARS DSA Resource Management Option
(formerly JARS/DSA)
6 N/A QI03861
JARS Resource Management Option for IDMS
(formerly JARS/IDMS)
1.1 N/A QI03857
SMF Director
(formerly JARS/SMF Utility)
r12.6 N/A QI03862
r12 N/A QI03862
r11 N/A QI03862
MICS (formerly NeuMICS) - All Components r12.8 Yes QI10307
r12.7 Yes QI10307
r12.6 Yes QI10307
PMA Chargeback
(formerly PMA/Chargeback)
r12.7 Yes QI03855
r12.6 Yes QI03855
r12.5 Yes QI03855
Security, Control and Audit ACF2 16 Yes  
ACF2 Option for DB2 1.3 Yes  
1.2 Yes  
Auditor 12.1 Yes  
12 Yes  
Data Content Discovery 3.0 Yes  
2.0 Yes  
1.0 Yes  
Mainframe Security Insights Platform 1.0 Yes  
Top Secret 16 Yes  
Top Secret Option for DB2 1.3 Yes  
1.2 Yes  
Cleanup for ACF2 12.1 Yes  
12 Yes  
Cleanup for Top Secret 12.1 Yes  
12 Yes  
Cleanup for RACF 12.1 Yes  
12 Yes  
LDAP Server for z/OS 15 Yes  
14 Yes  
12 Yes  
Service Desk Unicenter SOLVE:Central Service Desk 4.1 N/A  
5 N/A  
Unicenter Netman 4.9 N/A  
Storage CA 1 Tape Management r11.5+ N/A  
r12.0 N/A  
CA 1 CopyCat Utility r11 N/A  
r12.0 N/A  
Allocate DASD Space and Placement r11.5+ N/A  
r12.0+ N/A  
ASM2 Backup and Restore r4.2+ N/A  
ASTEX Performance r2.8+ N/A  
Compress Data Compression r5.2+ N/A  
CREWS Catalog Recovery r4.3+ N/A  
Disk Backup and Restore r12.0+ N/A  
r12.5 N/A  
Disk Backup and Restore for UNIX Systems Services r2.0 N/A  
TLMS Tape Management r11.5+ N/A  
r12.0+ N/A  
TLMS Copycat Utility r11+ N/A  
Extend/DASD VSAM Compression r4.3 N/A  
FAVER VSAM Data Protection r4.3 N/A  
Filesave RCS Automated Recovery r4.0 N/A  
Hyper-Buf VSAM Buffer Optimizer r11+ N/A  
MasterCat VSAM Catalog Management r4.3 N/A  
PDSMAN PDS Library Management r7.6 N/A  
r7.7 N/A  
RSVP r1.0+ N/A  
ShareOption/5 r3.0 N/A  
Tape Encryption 12.6 N/A  
14 Yes  
14.5 Yes  
Encryption Key Manager 14 Yes  
14.5 Yes  
Vantage Storage Resource Manager r12.6 Yes  
VSAMAID VSAM Tools r4.3 N/A  
Vtape Virtual Tape System r11.5+ N/A  
r12.0+ Yes  
r12.5+ Yes  
MF Testing Tools DADS Plus for CICS 4 N/A LI24117
Datamacs 1.2 N/A GI92879
Enterprise Tester 3.1 N/A QI92391
File Master Plus r8.5 N/A LI96948
File Master Plus for IMS r8.5 N/A RI02527
InterTest for CICS r8.5 Yes GI93444
InterTest Batch r8.5 Yes GI93029
Optimizer r7 N/A GI92880
Optimizer/II r8.5 N/A GI92869
SymDump for CICS r8.5 N/A LI32595
r9.0 N/A LI32595
SymDump Batch r8.5 N/A LI96947
r9.0 N/A LI96947
SymDump System r8.5 Yes QI08255
r9.0 Yes QI08255
Date Simulator
(formerly TransCentury Date Simulator)
2 N/A QI14439
(formerly TransCentury FileAge)
2.3 N/A QI18190
Verify Automated Regression Testing for CICS r9.0 N/A GI93012
Verify Automated Regression Testing for VTAM r9.0 N/A GI93018
MAX UTIL/IMS 3.4 N/A QI91399
MAX UTIL/MVS 3.4 N/A QI91400
MAX UTIL/DB2 3.4 N/A QI91401
Utilities Accuchek 1.2 N/A  
Sort 7.1 N/A  
SRAM 7 N/A  
UCANDU 3.3 N/A  
Vision VISION:Builder
(formerly Advantage VISION:Builder)
15 No  
(formerly Advantage VISION:Excel)
7 No  
(formerly Advantage VISION:Inform)
4 No  
(formerly Advantage VISION:Inquiry)
6.5 No  
VISION:Inquiry Interface to DB2
(formerly Advantage VISION:Interface for DB2 with VISION:Inquiry)
6.5 No  
VISION:Report Interface to DB2
(formerly Advantage VISION:Interface for DB2 with VISION:Report)
16.1 No  
VISION:Results Interface to DB2
(formerly Advantage VISION:Interface for DB2 with VISION:Results)
4 No  
(formerly Advantage VISION:Report)
16.1 No  
(formerly Advantage VISION:Results)
6 No  
(formerly Advantage VISION:Sixty)
12 No  
VISION:Transact for CICS
(formerly Advantage VISION:Transact for CICS)
7.8 No  
CISION:Transact for IMS
(formerly Advantage VISION:Transact for IMS)
7.5 No  
(formerly Advantage VISION:Two)
15 No  
Workload Automation Workload Automation SE
(formerly CA 7 Workload Automation)
r11.0 and r11.1 Yes  
r11.1 Yes  
r11.1 and r11.3 Yes  
Workload Automation Restart Option for z/OS Schedulers
(formerly CA 11 Workload Automation Restart and Tracking)
3 Yes  
3.0 and 11.0 Yes  
APCDOC Automated Job Documentation 1.3 N/A  
JCLCheck Workload Automation 7.1 Yes  
11.0 and 12.0 Yes  
Jobtrac Job Management 3.5 Yes  
11 Yes  
Scheduler Job Management 9.1 Yes  
11 Yes  
Workload Automation EE
(formerly ESP Workload Automation)
5.4 Yes  
5.5 Yes  
11.3 Yes  
Workload Automation Restart Option EE
(formerly ESP Encore Workload Automation)
3.1 Yes  
11.3 Yes  
ESP Workload Automation Service GoverNor 5.4 N/A  
5.5 N/A  
11.3 N/A  
ESP Workload Automation High Availability 5.4 N/A  
5.5 N/A  
11.3 N/A  
ESP Workload Automation High Performance Option 5.4 Yes  
5.5 Yes  
ESP Workload Automation CPE 5.1 + maintenance Yes  
ESP Workload Automation Sysplex 1 Yes  
Workload Automaton Restart Option EE
(formerly Encore)
3.1 Yes  
z/VM ACF2 for z/VM r12.0 Yes  
AppLogic for System z 3.0 Not Fully  
CIS for VM r1.0 N/A GI92755
Dynam/T Tape Management for VM r3.0 N/A GI92748
Earl for VM r6.0 N/A  
Easytrieve PLUS Report Generator for VM r6.4 G0311 N/A  
Explore Performance Management for VM r5.0 SP0 N/A LI11757
IDMS/DB for VM r16 SP1 and above Yes  
Librarian for VM r4.1 9702 Yes  
MIM Resource Sharing for VM r11.6 N/A  
r11.5 N/A  
Panvalet CMS Option for VM r14.4 SP0 Yes  
Sort for VM r7.0 G9909 N/A GI92751
NetSpy Network Performance for VM r7.0 N/A  
Netmaster Network Automation for VM r7.0 N/A  
Netmaster Network Management for SNA for VM r7.0 N/A  
Ramis for VM r7.4 SP03 N/A  
Ramis Reporter for VM r7.4 SP03 N/A  
SOLVE:Access Session Management for VM r3.3 N/A  
Top Secret for VM r12.0 SP1 and above Yes  
r12.0 SP2 and above Yes  
TPX Session Management for VM r4.0 SP05 No  
VMLIB r3.2 9604 N/A  
VM:Account r1.7 SP0 N/A LI89768
VM:Archiver r2.4 SP0 N/A LI89769
VM:Backup r3.5 SP0 N/A LI89126
VM:Backup Hidro r2.8 SP0 N/A LI89770
VM:Batch r1.4 SP0 N/A LI89771
VM:Director r3.0 SP0 /
r3.1 SP0
Yes LI89772
VM:Operator r3.1 SP0 Yes LI89776
VM:Prorexx r1.2 SP0 N/A LI89778
VM:Schedule r1.4 SP0 N/A LI89777
VM:Secure r3.0 SP0 /
r3.1 SP0
Yes LI89779
VM:Sort r1.4 SP0 N/A LI89780
VM:Spool r1.8 SP0 N/A LI89781
VM:Spool V/Seg Plus Feature r1.7 SP0 N/A LI89787
VM:Tape r2.0 SP0 N/A LI89767
VM:Xmenu r2.51 G0000 N/A LI89786
Vterm for VM r3.3 G0110 N/A GI92754
XCOM Data Transport for VM r2.4.1 N/A  
Velocity zVPS Performance Suite r4.1 N/A  
z/VSE COBOL/XE for VSE 3.013, 8909 N/A  
Corporate Tie for z/VSE 2.2, 9711 N/A  
CIS for z/VSE
*System Adapter
*TP Adapter
1.4 SP12 No GI93161
Datacom for VSE 11.0 SP0 N/A  
11.0 SP3 N/A  
11.0 SP4 N/A  
Datamacs for VSE 1.2, 0002 N/A  
Deliver Output Management for z/VSE 3.2 SP7 N/A GI93529
Driver Job Management for z/VSE 7.3 SP6 N/A GI93154
Dynam/T Tape Management for z/VSE 7.1 SP0 N/A GI93152
Dynam/D Disk Management for z/VSE 7.1 SP0 N/A LI82514
Dynam/FI File Independence for z/VSE 7.1 SP0 N/A LI82513
Earl for VSE 6.1 SP0 N/A  
Easytrieve Plus Report Generator for z/VSE 6.3, 0102 N/A  
eMail+ for VSE 4.0, 0006 N/A  
EPIC for z/VSE 5.2 SP0 N/A GI93477
ETC for VSE 3.1 9207 N/A  
Explore Performance Management for CICS for VSE 7.0 SP2 N/A LI11754
Explore Performance Management for z/VSE 7.0 SP0 N/A LI11755
7.1 SP0 N/A LI11755
Explore Performance Management for VTAM for VSE 6.5 SP8 N/A GI93407
ExpressPrint for VSE 3.3 SP4 N/A GI93530
EXTEND/DASD VSAM Compression for z/VSE 3.3 SP6 N/A GI93515
FAQS Automated Systems Operation for z/VSE 5.0 SP4 /
5.1 SP0
N/A GI93439
FAQS Production Control System for z/VSE 5.0 SP4 /
5.1 SP0
N/A LI70213
FAVER2 VSAM Data Protection for z/VSE 3.5 SP7 N/A GI93514
FLEE for VSE 4.0 SP5 N/A LI11753
Gener/OL for z/VSE 7.1 SP01 No  
GSS for VSE 5.0 SP5 N/A LI11752
5.0 SP6 N/A LI11752
HYPER-BUF VSAM Buffer Optimizer for z/VSE 3.3 SP6 N/A GI93516
Ideal for z/VSE 2.2, 0404 N/A  
2.2 SP10 N/A  
11.0 SP0 N/A  
IDMS/DB Database for z/VSE r16 SP1 and above No GI93034
CAIIPC for VSE 4.2, 0009 N/A  
4.2 SP6 N/A  
11.0 SP00 N/A  
InterTest for CICS for z/VSE 6 N/A  
JARS Resource Accounting for z/VSE 6.2 SP0 N/A GI93098
JARS Resource Management for CICS for VSE 7.0 SP2 N/A GI92827
Librarian for z/VSE 4.1, 0207 Yes  
MASTERCAT VSAM Catalog Management for z/VSE 3.4 SP2 N/A GI93517
Migrate Cobol for VSE 2.0 SP1 N/A  
Optimizer for z/VSE 6.0, 0002 N/A  
Optimizer II for z/VSE 2.0, 0002 N/A  
Panvalet for z/VSE 14.4, 0106 Yes  
14.4, SP0 Yes  
Ramis for VSE 7.1, 8806 N/A  
Ramis Reporter for VSE 7.1, 8806 N/A  
Raps for z/VSE 5.0 SP8 N/A GI93156
Scheduler Job Management for z/VSE 7.3 SP6 N/A GI93157
Sort for z/VSE 9.0 SP1 N/A GI93158
Top Secret for z/VSE 3.0 SP9 No LI78528
UFO 3.2, 0107 No  
Verify for z/VSE 4.4 N/A  
Vollie for z/VSE 5.0 SP8 N/A GI92962
VSAMAID VSAM Tools for z/VSE 3.3 SP6 N/A GI93518
XCOM Data Transport for z/VSE 2.2 9807 No  

All associated computer hardware, operating systems, and third party software must be maintained on the latest release(s) published by CA. CA shall not be obligated to provide technical support for non-CA software, modifications to the CA software, or problems associated with products running on un-supported hardware, operating systems, and third party software. Any such service may be available on a fee basis for labor and material as determined by CA. Consulting services, onsite support or support for end of service products are not provided as part of CA’s standard support and maintenance. Those and other support services are available by quotation and governed under separate agreement between CA and Licensee.