General Availability Announcement for Clarity Release 15.9.0


09 November 2020

09 November 2020

November 09, 2020

To:         Clarity Customers

From:     The CA Technologies Clarity Product Team

Subject:  General Availability Announcement for Clarity Release 15.9.0

On behalf of CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company, we appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide you with high-quality, innovative software and services. As part of our ongoing commitment to customer success, we regularly release updated versions of our products. Today, we are pleased to announce that Clarity Release 15.9.0 is now available for On-Premise and SaaS customers.

New features for Clarity Release 15.9.0 include:

  • Flexible new capabilities to enhance Roadmaps, including expanded data type support for money, large text fields, and parameterized lookup field syncing with underlying investments.
  • Powerful governance controls with the introduction of field-level security for Custom Master Objects, eliminating the need to manage secure sub-pages while providing a robust data security framework.
  • Extended Blueprint capabilities to configure Sub-Objects in the fly-out. Includes added support to configure the Task Assignments Grid for inclusion in the fly-out to assign work in the context of a selected Task.
  • Various quality-of-life UX improvements including:
    • The ability to set a background colour for the left navigation menu and login page to match company branding guidelines as well as help users differentiate between production and non-production environments.
    • Usability improvements to saving Views, including Quick Saves that eliminate the multiple clicks required to save a view after a change was made to the page.
    • Usability improvements to pull-down menus, including displaying selected values at the top of the listing; dynamic sizing based on grid column width; auto-positioning when the listing is opened near the bottom/top of the screen.
    • Additional attribute data type support for Attachments as well as the inclusion of Guidelines on tasks and Total Units and Total Revenue within Cost Plans and Budgets.
    • UX improvements to our common grids such as multi-select delete, automatic application of colour to fiscal period column headings for easier value matching, and full-path OBS display.
    • Usability improvements in Hierarchies, including the ability to expand/collapse a selected portion of the hierarchy; automatically wrap the text displayed in hierarchy cards as needed.
    • Usability improvements for filtering, including the ability to Star items for quick visibility and filtering of Investments, Roadmaps, and Hierarchies; greater flexibility to search for and retrieve information using either ‘Match All’ or ‘Match Any’ filter types.
    • Usability improvement for date formatting, including the ability for users to enter dates in whatever format they prefer.

If you are an On-Premise customer, you can download your copy of Clarity Release 15.9.0 online at Broadcom Support where you can also utilize CA’s case management system. To install your product, follow the installation procedures for your product at Tech Docs. If you are a SaaS customer, your environment will be automatically upgraded to the new release at a scheduled time following the15.9.0 GA release date. Customers can expect a follow-up communication with additional details related to automatic upgrades. If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Broadcom Support.

Should you need any assistance in understanding these new features, or implementing this latest release, our implementation services partners can help.  Please contact your CA account representative for more information on how they can help. To connect, learn, and share with other customers, join and participate in our Clarity CA Community page.

For a list of Education courses recommended by role, please visit the CA Learning Paths and select the desired product. We update courses based on functional impact as well as high demand; therefore, courses created from previous releases may apply to the current release.

END OF SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: In keeping with evolving software industry practice, Clarity Product Management now communicates the End date for each release at the time of release. This change allows customers greater flexibility in your upgrade planning process. In accordance with the CA Service/End of Life Policy within the Working with CA Support guide available at CA Support Online, please consider this email your written notification that support for Clarity Release 15.9, all patch levels, all languages, will be discontinued as of November 30, 2023.

Please review the CA End of Service / End of Life Policy within the “Working with CA Support” guide available at support by navigating to the CA Support Policy and Terms link.

Thank you again for your business.



CA Technologies Clarity Product Team