Mainframe Installation and Maintenance Tools


14 September 2023

08 August 2016

The Broadcom Mainframe Product releases are built and maintained using standardized SMP/E packaging and installation procedures. This package includes error holddata, FIXCAT holddata, and product interoperability validation. PTFs that pass interoperability test criteria are designated as Broadcom Recommended Service (CARS). The products are installable using z/OSMF and SMP/E JCL.

Important! Chorus Software Manager (CSM) is End of Life effective June 30, 2023. For full details, see the End of Life Announcement. We recommend that you use z/OSMF to install and manage your software. 

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Broadcom SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval

Broadcom Recommended Service (CARS)

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FIXCAT HOLDS for Mainframe Products


Broadcom Mainframe Compatibilities

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Mainframe Maintenance Best Practices

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