CA Datacom Server Solutions & Patches Index


28 February 2021

18 December 2017

Name Type Size Date Released Description Prerequisites
CA Datacom Server

Windows PTFs are cumulative, such that, the highest numbered PTF includes the most recent maintenance to the DLLs, EXEs or JAR file along with all prior maintenance. Linux PTFs provide the JAR file with all prior maintenance to the JAR file. Therefore, the highest numbered PTF should always be chosen over previous versions.

Version 15.0 for Windows and UNIX/Linux

Each Windows PTF includes an installer.  

Windows: Solutions
Linux: Solutions

Version 14.0 for Windows and UNIX/Linux

CA Datacom Server Windows Version 14.0 first PTF installer is PTF RO88636.  

Windows: Solutions
Linux: Solutions

r11.0 for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/USS/Linux Intel/Linux S390
cadcjdbc jar 366 KB 02/01/2008 JDBC jar suitable for deployment to Linux or UNIX 11.0 Base on Mainframe
cadatacom Properties 3 KB 02/01/2008 Java properties file for deployment with cadcjdbc.jar on Linux or UNIX 11.0 Base on Mainframe
Base EXE 10.5 MB 11/01/2007 Base for Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista 11.0 Base on Mainframe
CA Common Services - CCI PC for Windows
Click here to download CCI PC for Windows.