CA Datacom/DB for z/OS 15.1 Service Update (S2101)


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12 October 2023

14 May 2021

To:         CA Datacom/DB for z/OS Customers                                                                                                           

From:    The CA Datacom/DB for z/OS Product Group

Date:     April 2021


Subject: CA Datacom/DB for z/OS 15.1 Service Update (S2101)  


Dear Valued Customer:


Broadcom is pleased to present you with a Service Update for CA Datacom/DB for z/OS 15.1, an integral component of the family of solutions that we provide for z/OS.  This Service Update delivers additional capabilities including all maintenance updates through December 2020 for the core products which include the following:   

  • CA Datacom®/DB
  • CA Datacom® Datadictionary™
  • CA Dataquery™ for CA Datacom®
  • CA Datacom® SQL
  • CA Datacom® Fast Restore
  • CA Datacom® Presspack

General Information 

In addition to this Product Information Bulletin, CA Datacom/DB for z/OS consists of the following:

  • CA Datacom/DB for z/OS Product Package

To download software, use one of the following methods:

  • Acquire using the CA Chorus™ Software Manager (CA CSM) Product Acquisition Service
  • Visit the Download Center at Broadcom Support

Product Maintenance

All CA Datacom/DB for z/OS 15.1 product maintenance (PTFs) up to CA Recommended Service (CA RS) level 2101 is pre-applied to this software package for easier installation and faster deployment of CA Datacom/DB for z/OS. You do not need to re-install these maintenance PTFs. If applying additional maintenance without using CA CSM after this service update is installed, select the GENLEVEL of S2101 on Broadcom Support Online to avoid unnecessary downloading of PTFs that have been pre-applied to this package.


CA Datacom/DB for z/OS offers comprehensive task and role-based documentation at that provides a collaborative environment to let you:

  • Find answers quickly with intuitive search options
  • Export content to PDF and EPUB files
  • Comment on any topic, and provide feedback to Broadcom
  • Access up-to-date information

Getting Started

We strongly recommend that you install CA Datacom/DB for z/OS for z/OS using CA CSM.  Supported installation methods, all of which use SMP/E, are listed below.  To install your CA product, see the CA Datacom/DB for z/OS Installation Guide.

  • Installation using CA CSM
  • Pax-Enhanced Electronic Software Delivery download for tapeless installation

CA Mainframe Installation and Maintenance Tools

Broadcom Mainframe z/OS products follow a defined maintenance philosophy. We build and maintain these products using the following standard SMP/E packaging and installation procedures:

  • Use of ERROR HOLDDATA standard for PTFs and FMIDs in error
  • Adoption of FIXCAT HOLDDATA for PTFs that are required for an upgrade of software, hardware devices, or functions
  • Product validation for interoperability and preventive maintenance.  PTFs that pass test criteria are designated as CA Recommended Service for z/OS (CA RS), which identifies PTFs that have passed additional quality validation criteria over a measured time cycle.
  • Adoption of Continuous Delivery where new features are delivered as PTFs that have a source ID of SPE.
  • Use of SMP/E Receive Order to automate the download of PTF maintenance for Broadcom Mainframe products.

For more information about the Broadcom Mainframe maintenance philosophy, see the Mainframe Common Maintenance Procedures documentation.

Thank You 

We are dedicated to helping ensure that your use of CA Datacom/DB for z/OS is successful, and we thank you for your continued support of Broadcom. If you have questions regarding this software solution, please contact your local technical support group or visit Broadcom Support.