Updated PacketShaper product Stabilization and End of Life announcement


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15 October 2021

28 July 2021

Updated PacketShaper product Stabilization and End of Life announcement


Broadcom  announced PacketShaper EOL previously per Article ID: 151110 posted at



Due to customer requests to continue receiving PacketShaper support from Broadcom, Broadcom is moving PacketShaper into stabilization status and announcing new End of life date to allow support renewals for existing packet shaper customers. PacketShaper will not be available for sale to new customers or additional units but will allow existing customers to renew and upgrade their existing deployments.


New date for end of life for PC-S200,  PS-S200, PS-S400, PS-S500 Models is    : 31-OCT-2026

New date for Last Date to Purchase the Maintenance Date is                                  : 31-OCT-2025


PacketShaper into Stabilization status:

As described in the Broadcom Software Maintenance Policy Handbook:




2.4 Stabilization

Stabilization refers to the process of ending new enhancements, versions, releases, development, or service packs, but other operational and technical support features remain in effect. The features and functionality of a stabilized product are frozen at the current version or release level.