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06 April 2023

21 August 2020

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April 6, 2023 Modified EOS date for version 16.0.
Added link to ICA EOS dates.
March 29, 2023 Added details for version 16.0.
March 23, 2023 Modified EOS date for version 15.8.
September 1, 2022 Modified EOS date for version 15.8.
April 1, 2022 Modified EOS date for version 15.7.
November 5, 2021 Modified EOS date for version 15.7.
February 24, 2021 Added details for version 15.8.
November 4, 2020 Added EOS date for version 15.7.


This document outlines the discontinuation timelines for versions of Symantec Data Loss Prevention. Timelines are also provided for Symantec Information Centric Analytics (formerly Symantec IT Analytics.)

As part of Symantec’s transition into Broadcom, the Symantec End of Life Policy has been updated. For policy information, see the Broadcom Maintenance Policy Handbook. Broadcom makes a reasonable effort to provide a minimum of 12 months advance notice of a version EOS or product EOL. During the time between the announcement date and the actual EOS or EOL date, full support for the product or version will continue.

As of the publication date of this article, the following terms apply and the dates shown below are in effect:

“End of Life” (EOL) refers to the discontinuation of a software or hardware product or a hosted service. (This article does not reflect discontinuation of a product.)

“End of Service” (EOS) refers to the discontinuation of a specific product version or release, hereafter called “version.” A product version is EOS when no future development, engineering, or Support engagement is provided for that specific version of the product. The product itself continues to be supported at a more current version level, and customers are urged to upgrade to the latest version to receive improvements and fixes. Symantec maintains an active engineering engagement on the latest Generally Available (GA) version and the version immediately preceding it (GA-1). The release of a new GA version may trigger the start of the EOS period for the GA-2 version.

Maintenance” is a Support offering that is tied to a product or hardware, not to a version. Maintenance includes Support, Engineering, Development, and Self-service (online published upgrades, published fixes, and public knowledge). The availability of Engineering, Development and of Support that is included in Maintenance is entirely dependent on the status of the version or product. Beginning with the EOS or EOL date shown in the table below, the level of support that comes with an active Maintenance contract is self-service only. No new fixes or technical support for issues will be available for the version. Continued usage of the version is at the customer’s own risk.  Customers must upgrade to address any and all discovered issues.

The information in this article supersedes any information published elsewhere regarding the End of Service and the End of Life dates of the products mentioned here.

 Table 1: Product versions and EOS dates for Symantec Data Loss Prevention and Symantec Information Centric Analytics (formerly Symantec IT Analytics)

Product DLP Version Companion ITA Version or Supported ICA Version DLP GA Date EOS
(End of Service)
Data Loss Prevention 14 - 6/1/2015 9/4/2019
Data Loss Prevention 14.5 - 6/27/2016 9/4/2019
Data Loss Prevention 14.6 ITA 2.7.3 12/5/2016 8/20/2020
Data Loss Prevention 15 - 9/4/2017 12/31/2020
Data Loss Prevention 15.1 - 6/25/2018 3/31/2021
Data Loss Prevention 15.5 ITA 2.9.0 12/21/2018 8/20/2021
Data Loss Prevention 15.7 ITA 2.9.1 2/7/2020 12/30/2022
Data Loss Prevention 15.8 ITA 2.9.1 * 2/4/2021


* ITA 2.9.1 EOS is 12/31/2022

Data Loss Prevention 16.0 ICA 6.6 9/21/2022



NOTE: For the Symantec Information Centric Analytics EOS dates, see End of Service dates for Symantec Information Centric Analytics.