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07 July 2021

03 July 2021

Frequently asked questions about DLP Endpoint support for Apple Silicon hardware

Question 1

What are the plans for extending Symantec Data Loss Prevention Endpoint support to new Macs running Apple Silicon?


DLP Endpoint Agents 15.7 MP2 and later already support Apple Silicon-based Mac hardware through use of Rosetta2 emulation, as documented at this location.

Since the current 15.7 MP2 and 15.8.x DLP Agents are compiled for the x86_64 processor, Data Loss Prevention relies on the built-in Rosetta 2 translation layer of the new Macs to convert x86_64 instructions at run time to Apple Silicon. In the next major Data Loss Prevention release, the Mac DLP Agent will run natively on both Apple Silicon and Intel Mac endpoints.


Question 2

Will there be performance issues running the current DLP Agent (versions 15.7 MP2 or later) on the new Macs?


No, there won’t be any performance issues. Performance is expected to be on par with the DLP Agent performance on a comparable Intel Mac endpoint. 


Question 3

Are all features available on the DLP Agent when it runs using Rosetta2 translation?


Yes, all features are available.


Question 4

Will there be feature parity on the new DLP Agent that will natively support Apple Silicon hardware?


Yes, all features that are currently available for the DLP Agent on the Intel Mac platform will continue to be available for the new DLP Agent that will run natively on Apple Silicon hardware.