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08 April 2024

03 February 2021

LAST UPDATE: As of February 17, 2024, the 16.0.10000.60463 release is no longer available from the LiveUpdate server. Until further notice, LiveUpdate packages will not be made available for DLP versions 15.8 and 16.x. For more information, contact Support.

This article applies to Data Loss Prevention version 16.x, 15.8 and 15.7.

This article will be updated as needed when updates become available.  


15.8.00305.01001 Hotfix October 3, 2022

DLP 15.8 MP3 (Windows only)

Resolves an issue with stored Microsoft Information Protection credentials.

(Issue ID: CRE-11411)

15.8.00304.01002 Hotfix September 14, 2022

DLP 15.8 MP3 (Windows only)

Fixes for multiple issues, including: 

  • Google Chrome HTTPS detection fails for file uploads from a network share while the Network Service Sandbox feature is enabled
  • Incidents are not generated for https://dlptest.com/ while the Network Service Sandbox feature is enabled in Google Chrome and when an endpoint file retention response rule used in an active policy
  • DLP Agents did not block attempts to drag and drop files from Box Drive to HTTPS web sites in Google Chrome
  • With a custom Local Group Policy Object (LGPO) deployed, DLP Agents incorrectly reported that the Google Chrome extension was not installed
  • DLP Agents incorrectly issued a tampering alert for the Microsoft Office plug-in for Outlook if users previewed Office documents that were attached to emails

(Issue IDs: CRE-11076, DLP-67050, CRE-10799, CRE-11148, CRE-11082)

15.8.00201.01003 Hotfix March 11, 2022

DLP 15.8 MP2 (Windows only)

Fixes for multiple issues, including: 

  • DLP Agent support for Actual URL during detection in browser Isolation Environment
  • Non-persistent VDI hangs on fom64.dll
  • EDM detection fails on some documents when OOXML is active - handling footer contents with space.
  • Chrome network sandbox breaks upload detection

(Issue IDs: DLP-62554, DLP-62556, DLP-62557, DLP-62559)

15.8.00112.01001 Hotfix February 9, 2022

DLP 15.8 MP1 (Windows only)

Resolves clipboard monitoring issues in third-party applications, in particular when using Office applications with Google Chrome.

(Issue ID: DLP-60963)

15.8.00111.01001 Hotfix December 22, 2021

DLP 15.8 MP1 (Windows only)

Complete the following prerequisites to ensure the 15.8.00112.01001 LiveUpdate hotfix is applied succesfully:

    1. Upgrade the Enforce Server and the detection servers to 15.8.00106.01005 or later.
    2. Execute a SQL script on the database server to add a new advanced agent setting. The setting is required to ensure that the data validator 'find keyword' with proximity matching does not produce false positives. See the server hotfix readme for details about the advanced agent setting and how to add it.

This hotfix provides fixes for multiple issues, including: 

  • CUI.exe application error or crash caused through ucrtbase.dll.
  • Chrome ext loading issue when endpoint or agent are restarted and the endpoint has no internet connection.
  • Edge Chromium failures due to Google Drive File Stream.
  • Agent Config allows write access to shares when connected to a corporate network, but some users still only have read access when on corporate network.
  • Internet Explorer 11 crashes/hangs when the DLP Agent is installed in a Citrix VDI.
  • DLP Agent shows False Positive Agent Event of Chrome Extension Not Deployed.
  • Unable to create PDF file with DLP 15.8 MP1 agent installed.
  • Support for print monitoring for Chromium browsers.
  • Agent Crashes When VDI Autologon Configuration is Enabled.
  • France SSN DI improvements.
  • Data validator 'find keyword' with proximity matching produces false positives.
  • User hard drives are filling up with DLP temp files.
  • Office apps crash with Access Violation in CSA64.dll when domain exclusions are used.

(Issue IDs: DLP-47005, DLP-47352, DLP-45542, DLP-47356, DLP-47357, DLP-47358, DLP-47359, DLP-47361, DLP-45492, DLP-47362, DLP-47363, DLP-47364, DLP-47742)

15.8.00105.01005 Hotfix November 19, 2021

DLP 15.8 MP1 (Windows only)

Fixes for multiple issues, including: 

  • Agents fail to start due to local DB file corruption/inconsistency.
  • DLP Agent fails to detect Data Identifier when Detection.ENABLE_METADATA.str = on.
  • DLP fails to detect Apple ISO-BMFF QuickTime video files.
  • DLP fails to support certain OneNote file format.
  • BSODs observed on DLP Agent machines with faulting module as vfsmfd.
  • DPA process consumes high CPU during User Group resolution when user is part of thousands of groups.

(Issue IDs: DLP-44486, DLP-44487, DLP-44488, DLP-44489, DLP-44481, DLP-45488)

15.8.00103.01004 Hotfix September 23, 2021

DLP 15.8 MP1

Fixes for multiple issues, including: 

  • For some applications, the right-click Paste does not work.
  • Fix for an Excel crashing issue.
  • Temp files get created after drag and drop.
  • Detection fails when Turkish characters are present in the path from where a file was uploaded. 

(Issue IDs: DLP-44482, DLP-44483, DLP-44484, DLP-44485)



15.7.00208.01001 Hotfix August 6, 2021

DLP 15.7 MP2

Fixes for multiple issues, including: 

  • Support for Print Monitoring from Chromium browsers.
  • Agents fail to start due to local database file corruption or inconsistency.
  • For some applications, the right-click Paste does not work.

(Issue IDs: DLP-43556, DLP-43557, DLP-43558)

15.7.00205.01004 Hotfix July 6, 2021 DLP 15.7 MP2
  • Unknown URL for drag and drop and missed detection for folder upload in Edge Chromium 89 and later.
  •  Unknown URL when Edge used in IE compatibility mode.

(Issue IDs: DLP-39443, DLP-38189)

15.7.0102.01001 Hotfix August 12, 2020 DLP 15.7 MP1
  • Edge (Chromium-based) support.
  • Fix for duplicate incidents issue.

(Issue IDs: 4268996, 4269301)

15.7.0001.01003 Hotfix August 4, 2020 DLP 15.7
  • OneDrive Office integration support.

(Issue ID: 4268112)