DLP 15.7 MP2 requires server and agent upgrades

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10 November 2020

10 November 2020

This Advisory provides important information regarding the forthcoming Symantec Data Loss Prevention 15.7 Maintenance Pack 2 (MP2) release. 

Version 15.7 MP2 will support macOS 11. To enable this support, the macOS DLP Agent is being rearchitected. Details about the agent rearchitecture and early testing results can be found in the article macOS 11 and DLP Agent Support Information

In addition to DLP Agent upgrades, server upgrades will be required in the forthcoming MP2 release (particularly the Enforce Server and Endpoint Protect server). The server upgrades provide necessary features of macOS 11 support.

This information is being provided in advance of the 15.7 MP2 release to enable customers to prepare for both server and agent upgrades when MP2 is available. 

While an upgrade to an Endpoint Server only used with Windows DLP Agents will not be strictly required, Symantec strongly recommends keeping the Enforce Server and detection servers at the same version. 

Symantec is waiting for Apple to release the final build of macOS 11, at which point Symantec will complete testing the compatiblity of macOS 11 and the DLP Agent. When that testing concludes, Symantec will formally announce support of macOS 11 with Data Loss Prevention.