SMPE Receive Order Static IP Change after March 11, 2022

Resource Initialization Manager(Comm)


20 January 2022

20 January 2022

Dear Broadcom Customer:

This critical alert ONLY applies to sites using the SMP/E Receive Order server to download Broadcom maintenance. This alert does NOT apply to sites using Chorus Software Manager (CSM) to download Broadcom maintenance. Use the following instructions to avoid any impact. 

To increase the availability, speed, and resiliency for product and maintenance downloads, Broadcom is moving to a modern and improved infrastructure in the first quarter of 2022.

We have taken every possible step to make these changes as smooth and seamless as possible; however, the static IP address that is used by some customers to acquire maintenance through SMP/E Receive Order is changing from to  These customers may either update the IP address as described below or switch to use the domain name which is Broadcom’s recommended approach.

Update your procedures to point to the new static IP address,, on or after March 11, 2022.  

Domain Name Current IP Address New IP Address Action Change to the new static IP address. N/A No change is required to this DNS name.


No changes are needed for the DNS names.   Broadcom will map the existing DNS names to the new server.    Also security certificates are also not changing. The existing certificates continue to work whether you are using the static IP address or the DNS name. To troubleshoot network connectivity issues, see Troubleshoot your Network Configuration.

If you have any questions about this Critical Alert, please contact Broadcom Support.
Thank you,

Broadcom Support Team