Web Isolation Security Advisory for CVE-2023-20032 | CVE-2023-20052

Web Isolation

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24 March 2023

02 March 2023




Symantec, A Division of Broadcom is investigating CVE-2023-20032 and CVE-2023-20052 in relation to Web Isolation.


Affected Product(s)


Web Isolation (WI)


Affected Version(s)




1.16 up to 1.16.56

1.15 up to 1.15.89

Disable the "Integrated AV (ClamAV)" option in the Download Profiles page of the Web Isolation Management Portal.

Mitigation & Additional Information

Mitigation - Disable "Integrated AV (ClamAV)"

  • Open the Web Isolation Management Portal
  • Navigate to Profiles -> Download Profiles
  • In the Update Downloads Profile dialog uncheck "Integrated AV (ClamAV)"
    • Note: "Symantec AV" and/or the other options may remain checked if applicable
  • Click Update
  • Push Settings to complete the procedure

Symantec recommends the following measures to reduce risk of attack:

  • Restrict access to administrative or management systems to authorized privileged users.
  • Restrict remote access to trusted/authorized systems only.
  • Run under the principle of least privilege, where possible, to limit the impact of potential exploit.
  • Keep all operating systems and applications current with vendor patches.
  • Follow a multi-layered approach to security. At a minimum, run both firewall and anti-malware applications to provide multiple points of detection and protection for both inbound and outbound threats.
  • Deploy network and host-based intrusion detection systems to monitor network traffic for signs of anomalous or suspicious activity. This may aid in the detection of attacks or malicious activity related to the exploitation of latent vulnerabilities.