CVE-2022-47941, CVE-2022-47942, CVE-2022-47938, CVE-2022-47939, CVE-2022-47940. Vulnerabilities affecting the ksmb module in the Linux kernel versions 5.14 through 5.15.61. (BSA-2022-2157).

Brocade Fabric OS

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20 March 2023

24 December 2022





CVE-2022-47941, CVE-2022-47942, CVE-2022-47938, CVE-2022-47939, CVE-2022-47940


Security Advisory ID: BSA-2022-2157

Component: ksmbd module in the Linux kernel

Revision: 2.1

Brocade PSIRT has become aware of several vulnerabilities affecting the ksmbd module in the Linux kernel published by Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative.

Products Confirmed Not Vulnerable.

  • Brocade Fabric OS.
  • Brocade ASCG.
  • Brocade SANnav.
  • No other Brocade Fibre Channel Products from Broadcom are currently known to be affected by these vulnerabilities.


Brocade Manageability products are not vulnerable to these vulnerabilities. However, since the environment that runs the products is not under Brocade's control, Brocade recommends Customers apply recommendations from the vendors.

Revision History

Version Change Date
1.0 Initial publication Dec 24, 2022
2.0 Brocade FOS update Dec 25, 2022
2.1 Note on Manageability Dec 27, 2022