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06 December 2022

06 December 2022

December 6, 2022


To:         Layer7 Mobile SDK Customers

From:     The Broadcom Layer7 Product Team

Subject:  General Availability Announcement for Layer7 Mobile SDK 2.3

The Layer7 product group of Broadcom's IMS division is pleased to announce that the Layer7 Mobile SDK version 2.3 is now available! This milestone provides support for the most recent versions of iOS and Android and provides a number of key enhancements driven based on customer feedback. Congratulations to the team for reaching this important milestone while continuing to provide important enhancements to our customers!

Here are the highlights of the Layer7 Mobile SDK 2.3 release:

  • Certified against iOS 16 and Android 13 to ensure applications built on the Layer7 Mobile SDK remain compatible with the latest mobile operating systems
  • Updated SSL Pinning handling to provide more flexibility and ensure consistency between iOS and Android
  • Enhanced Logging to provide more details when troubleshooting issues when needed
  • Improved overall exception handling within the SDK to ensure error conditions are properly handled to improve stability
  • Removed the use of HTTP query parameters for Social Login and Token Revocation to improve security (MAG 4.2.2 required to enable this capability)

Please see the release notes and product documentation for more information.

If you have any questions or require assistance please contact Broadcom Customer Care online at where you can submit an online request using the Customer Care web form: .  You can also call Broadcom Customer Care at +1-800-225-5224 in North America or see for the local number in your country. 

Should you need any assistance, our Broadcom Services experts can help.  For more information on Broadcom Services and how you can leverage our experience, please visit

Your success is very important to us, and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership with you.


To review Broadcom Support lifecycle policies, please review the Broadcom Support Policy and Terms located at:  


Thank you again for your business.