General Availability Announcement for Clarity Release 16.0.3

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08 August 2022

08 August 2022

August 8, 2022

To:         Clarity Customers

From:     Broadcom’s Clarity Product Team

Subject:  General Availability Announcement for Clarity Release 16.0.3

On behalf of Broadcom, we appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide you with high-quality, innovative software and services. As part of our ongoing commitment to customer success, we regularly release updated versions of our products. Today, we are pleased to announce that Clarity Release 16.0.3 is now available for On-Premise and SaaS customers.

New features for Clarity Release 16.0.3 include:                                            

  • Continued focus expanding Checklists and To Dos, often referred to as “agile for the rest of us” including: a Board view for organizing To Dos; a Calendar view for Scheduling To Dos; visibility to ‘completed’ Checklists; notification when Checklists are shared; a Checklist module for Agreements; move or remove Checklists to and from Investments or Agreements; improved user experience by including avatars in resource lookups; a single view for all To Dos in the To Do workspace; and an option to include a To Dos table widget in the Page Canvas.
  • Top-down planning (Hierarchies & Roadmaps) improvements including the ability to: copy a roadmap (including scenarios, saved views, and picklists), share a roadmap (view or edit privileges); notification when Roadmaps are shared; enable the Investment Parent attribute as an active navigation link for Projects, Ideas, Custom Investments, and Hierarchies; configure a Financials module (with visual widgets) in Hierarchies; and ensure cross-Investment grid & timeline view honor Business Rules in Hierarchies.
  • Configurable Visual Widget updates provide the ability to: configure a minimum/maximum aggregation for number tile and bar chart widgets; display Key Milestone Tasks on Project and Custom Investment timeline views.
  • Continued focus improving Visual Resource Staffing with added capability to: perform inline per-period allocation edits using a bulk edit modal; availability and remaining values update in real-time within the Allocations Timeline view.
  • Continued focus improving Blueprints and Business Rules including the ability to: create required attribute Business Rules for Sub-Objects; create ‘conditional required’ Business Rules; configure, via Blueprint, user create dialog for Sub-Objects; and configure Business Rules to enforce required attributes when creating or updating Sub-Objects.
  • Introducing a new ‘Users’ module in the Modern U Clarity users with ‘Administration – Authorization’ access right can access the new module and manage user configuration and update access group assignments. (BETA)*
  • Continued focus improving Clarity’s Mobile app including the ability to: display additional open time periods (in addition to Current, Previous, and Next); bulk approve or return Timesheets; search for Timesheets associated with a resource manager. Clarity Mobile will be released after Clarity’s 16.0.3 GA date via the Apple and Google app stores.
  • Continued focus improving Clarity Connections, the Clarity-Rally no-code integration with the following tools:
    • Support mapping (and sync) for Objectives & Key Results.
    • Support mapping (and sync) of rich text (without images or tables).
    • Added logic to prevent updates from Clarity non-production environment to Rally production environment.
  • Key improvements delivered through our Customer Innovation Panel process:
    • End-users have on-screen tools to toggle On/Off text wrapping for all grid attributes; text wrap setting is also part of a Saved View.
    • Enhanced PDF generation capability for the Project Task Timeline view; includes output formatting options for screen size and orientation while in PDF preview mode.
    • Clarity will remember a user’s previous navigation with re-entering either Staffing, To Dos, or Resources workspaces.
    • Introducing Timesheet as a Studio object for the single purpose of configuring Timesheet audit trail attributes. (The Timesheet Object cannot be configured with custom attributes)
    • Conversations module is available for any object that can be Blueprinted; includes conversation support for Hierarchies, Roadmaps, Ideas, Custom Investments, and Custom Objects.
    • Grids, Flyouts, Timeline, Canvas, and Properties pages now display a Range Description, based on the end-user’s language setting, as configured in Studio; Range Description will be displayed in Export to CSV and PDF.
    • Configurable Risk setting options to round impact and probability calculations; new option calculates the investment category score and maps to the closest score.
  • Various other quality-of-life UX improvements including:
    • Improved user experience to define filters; from within the grid column header which automatically syncs filter parameters and values between the column filter and configurable filter; increase the number of configurable filter parameters (from 10 to 15).
    • Improved process for the auto assigned “Resource – Enter Time” access right when new users are provisioned; each new user will only consume view only license type; Clarity will only auto assign “Resource – Enter Time” access right when resources are enabled to enter time; the new logic is supported when changes are made via Classic UI or Modern UX Resource page, Rest API, or XOG.
    • Public API for managing user Action Items.
    • Enhancements related to the WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standard with the inclusion of numerous foundational accessibility improvements encompassing Visual design (e.g., color, contrast, visible focus), Responsive Design (e.g., pop-up windows, text areas, and browser zoom), Keyboard (e.g., key input, tab order, & focus), and Screen readers (e.g., semantics, hierarchy, & pages structures) in view of WCAG 2.1 AA requirements.

* This is a beta feature and may contain bugs, errors and/or other issues. This feature is provided “AS IS, WITH NO WARRANTIES.” Broadcom does not guarantee the availability of this beta feature, and any outages or downtime of the beta feature will not count towards service credits pursuant to Broadcom’s service level agreement. There is no guarantee, representation, or obligation that the beta feature will ever be made generally available in future releases of the product.

If you are an On-Premise customer, you can download your copy of Clarity Release 16.0.3 online at Broadcom Support where you can also utilize Broadcom’s case management system. To install your product, follow the installation procedures for your product at Tech Docs. If you are a SaaS customer, your environment will be automatically upgraded to the new release at a scheduled time following the 16.0.3 GA release date. Customers can expect a follow-up communication with additional details related to automatic upgrades. If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Broadcom Support.

Should you need any assistance in understanding these new features or implementing this latest release, our implementation services partners can help. Please contact your CA account representative for more information on how they can help. To connect, learn, and share with other customers, join and participate in our Clarity Broadcom Community.

For a list of free Education courses, please visit Broadcom Academy. We update courses based on functional impact as well as high demand; therefore, courses created from previous releases may apply to the current release.

NOTE ABOUT THE “STAFFING PLAN” WORKSPACE: With the release of Clarity 16.0.2, Broadcom announced our plan to deprecate the Staffing Plan workspace. The Staffing Plan workspace will no longer be enhanced, and we plan to remove the Staffing Plan workspace from the product in the 16.1.2 release scheduled for May 2023. This advance notice is being provided to allow your organization to plan a smooth transition to the new Staffing workspace.

END OF SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: In keeping with evolving software industry practice, Clarity Product Management now communicates the End date for each release at the time of release. This change allows customers greater flexibility in your upgrade planning process. In accordance with the Broadcom Service/End of Life Policy within the “Working with CA Support” guide available at Broadcom Support Online, please consider this email your written notification that support for Clarity Release 16.0.3, all patch levels, and all languages, will be discontinued as of November 30, 2024.

Please review the Broadcom End of Service / End of Life Policy within the “Working with CA Support” guide available at Support by navigating to the Broadcom Support Policy and Terms link.

Thank you again for your business.