New Broadcom Support Portal Enhancements

We are pleased to announce we are enhancing our Online Support Portal to integrate Broadcom’s support divisions to create a common support portal across all Broadcom Business Units (BU) while providing user and technology enhancements to deliver an improved customer experience. These enhancements and changes will be rolled out in the following phases

  • Phase 1 (January 17th, 2020): Update the Broadcom Support Portal User Interface to give all Broadcom BU’s a common look and feel.
  • Phase 2 (March 2020): Symantec support division will be integrated into the Broadcom Support Portal along with additional feature enhancements.
  • Phase 3 (Summer 2020): Additional User Enhancements – to be announced.

Broadcom Support Portal Home

The Broadcom Support portal ( has a new layout and enhanced user interface. Both and will redirect to the updated Broadcom Support Portal.

CA Mainframe, Enterprise, and Payment Security Software Division pages

Each major Broadcom support division will have its own page to present tailored content related to that division. The content becomes more specific as you move from division down to the product level in the product pages. This will allow us to present more relevant information faster and easier.

Highlighted Features:

  • Critical Update Alerts have been added to each division page to give you alerts related to that division.

    1. Division Specific Search will return more defined search results based on the division you’re within.
    2. Critical updates will keep you update to date with product alerts.
    3. Product Information site has been redesigned to provide everything you need for a specific product in one location
    4. Division tailored links provide specific links and helpful information related to the division.

  • Product Information pages

    We have completely redesigned our Product Information pages to provide more valuable content for the products you use.

    1. What’s New tab has all the latest News, Knowledge Base Articles, Community Posts, and Documentation related to the selected product.
    2. Support Tab allows quick and easy access to Downloads and Cae Management directly from the Product Page.
    3. Product specific search will narrow search results based on the specific product.

  • Download Center

    Removed restriction on how many solutions are added to the cart.

    Best Practice to find a solution:

    • search by the solution number in the segment or product page or navigating to the Product Download page and filtering by the product and release.
    • search by solution keyword in the Product Download page or use the date filters to narrow your search.

Stay tuned for further updates for future enhancements to the Broadcom Support Portal. For any questions, suggestions or help with the Support Portal, please contact Customer Care via the Customer Care Webform.

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